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​​Creswell Veterinary Hospital

We have verbally or by email, discussed the plan for care for your pet today.

We at Creswell Veterinary Hospital strive to give you the best possible medical care at a reasonable cost.  We sometimes must do tests or procedures which we did not initially anticipate when providing you with this plan.  We will do our best to follow this plan and to inform you of any additional tests or procedures which would cause an increase in the cost of treatment.

If during a procedure, complications or questions arise and you are not at the contact number you have given us, we will do whatever is necessary for the health, safety and well-being of your pet.

I fully understand the terms of this agreement and authorize the hospital staff to perform the services which are deemed necessary for my pet. I have been advised on the nature of the procedure(s) that will be performed and I realize the results cannot be guaranteed. I also understand that certain inherent risks are involved in the carrying out of any medical procedure or handling of an animal which are beyond the control of the person(s) involved. I understand that complications may arise with any anesthetic procedure and that all reasonable precaution will be used against injury, escape, or death. In absence of gross negligence, I thoroughly understand that I assume certain risks and will not hold Creswell Veterinary Hospital, its employees, representatives, or agents liable or responsible in any manner or circumstances for these risks. I also understand that the cost of treatment may vary from the figure shown on this plan and that I am responsible for those and all remaining costs at the time of discharge.  

I am the owner or authorized agent of the owner and am 18 years of age or over.  By submitting this form,  I agree with all the statements above and agree to pay the incurred costs in full in a manner in accordance with the payment policies of Creswell Veterinary Hospital.

Treatment Plan and Authorization