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​​Creswell Veterinary Hospital

Community Contributions

The Humane Society of Cottage Grove: Euthanasia services

Red Barn Rabbit Rescue:    we provide medical care for the rabbits at Red Barn Rabbit Rescue .

Creswell Veterinary Hospital's Angel Fund 

​A cat is found sitting  with it’s mouth hanging open and it’s eyes swollen shut.  It’s not wearing a collar with I.D. and a check around the neighborhood finds no owner.  What happens to this cat? 

Lane County and the City of Creswell have no safety net to provide care to sick or injured stray cats.  Dogs fare only slightly better.  Creswell Veterinary Hospital (CVH) provides emergency care to stabilize these animals which also gives the owner a chance to find their pet.  If after 3 days no owner comes forward, dogs, if stable are transferred to either the City of Creswell or First Avenue Shelter. If they are not stable, they are euthanized.  Cats on the other hand, have nowhere else to go. 

The Angel Fund was created here at CVH to cover the costs of treating these unowned, injured animals.  The animal is screened to determine if it is an Angel Fund candidate.

Angel Fund Criteria:

A. Animal is a stray or if an owner cannot afford to pay      for care, ownership is relinquished to CVH.

B. Animal must have a treatable illness or injury.

C. Animal must have a temperament suitable for adoption 

D. Angel Funds are available to cover costs.

E. CVH employees are able to take on the animals care and rehabilitation.

Angel Fund recipients are offered for adoption as soon as they are medically stable.  A donation to the Angel Fund is asked for at the time of adoption.

CVH reserves the right to screen applicants for Angel Fund Adoptions.