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​​Creswell Veterinary Hospital

​Vern Mathers

Veterinary Assistant 

When I was growing up I was the kid who would bring every stray animal I found home and try to care for them. I would always end up getting caught and asking "can I keep him?" I have always loved animals of all kinds and always been fascinated by their medical care. When I met my wife I knew she was the one because she was also a "can I keep him" kid. 

In 2003 my wife Stacy and I moved to Creswell from Springfield and adopted a crazy Dalmatian Dexter was always getting himself into trouble so we became regular customers at Creswell Veterinary Hospital. The staff always made time to see useven when they were really busy, and always fixed him up after his various misadventures. CVH became family to us over the next 10 years, and I always thought how much I would like to work there.

When I lost my job of 17 years, my friends and family urged me to follow my heart and find a job in the veterinary field. Somehow I was lucky enough to get an interview with CVH and my dream came true!

I am so excited to join the Creswell Veterinary Team and look forward to learning everything I can about this fascinating field. When I am not at the hospital, I am volunteering at Greenhill Humane Society and have over 1000 hours of service there. I live with my beautiful wife Stacy, our two pit bulls Skyler and Gremlin, and our Chihuahua Ishmael. 

I look forward to meeting you and your fur-kids and providing outstanding service and loving care.